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Genium X3 : 3B5-2

 Origin:  - Germany 

Product Details :

The X3 is the most durable, intuitive and technologically advanced microprocessor knee on the market. With features that support activities like running, swimming and ascending stairs step-over-step, X3 supports individuals who push the boundaries of mobility.

·         Optimized Physiological Gait

·         Intuitive or Deliberate Stance options

·         Stairs and obstacles function

·         Stumble recovery feature

·         Walk2Run function

·         Dedicated running mode

·         Sitting function

·         5 programmable MyModes

·         Waterproof and corrosion resistant

·         Rugged frame and protector

·         User-friendly Cockpit app for Android

·         Activity Report

Technical specifications:


Activity Level

K3, K4

Maximum Body Weight

275 lbs (125 kg)

Battery Life

Approximately 5 days

Maximum Knee Flexion Angle

135 degrees

Proximal Connection

Pyramid Adapter

Distal Connection

Tube Clamp (34 mm diameter)

Product Weight

3.8 lbs (1,710 g)

Proximal System Height up to Alignment Reference Point

0 mm

Minimum Distal System Height with 2R19 Pylon

310 mm

Maximum Distal System Height with 2R19 Pylon

514 mm



Moisture Protection