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Kenevo : 3C60=ST

 Origin:  - Germany 

Product Details :

The lightweight Kenevomicroprocessor knee is designed to support short, shuffling gait patterns and individuals who need support performing essential movements like sitting down and standing up. It brings the security of an MPK to an underserved group who needs it most.

·         Adaptive swing release for increased security when walking

·         Ability to adapt to different mobility capabilities and needs

·         Automatic unlock and real time resistance adjustment for smooth sitting motion

·         Sitting function

·         Pre-lock for stability when standing up

·         Programmable stance stability options

·         Stumble recovery feature

·         Walking backwards support

·         Wheelchair function

Technical specifications:

3C60=ST Kenevo

Activity level

K1, K2

Maximum body weight

275 lbs (125 kg)

Battery life

Approximately 1 day

Knee flexion angle

124 degrees


Desert pearl

Proximal connection

Threaded connector

Distal connection

Tube clamp

Unit weight (without pylon)

920 g / 2 lbs

Proximal system height up to alignment reference point

23 mm

Min. distal system height with 2R17 tube adapter

270 mm

Maximum distal system height with 2R17 tube adapter

490 mm

Frame material


Electronics moisture protection rating

IP22 (protected against dripping water)