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Hydraulic Hip Joint 7E9

 Origin:  - Germany 

Product Details :

·         Slim, robust design works with a variety of knee and foot options

·         Approved for a maximum body weight of 275 lbs (125 kg), so you can fit a broad range of patients

·         The only hydraulic swing and stance hip approved for use with the 3R60 and 3R106 mechanical knees (can also be used             with C-Leg and Genium)

·         Dampened, controlled heel strike; significant reduction of pelvic tilt; smooth, controlled roll-over under full load; support of            knee joint stance flexion; and targeted control of the pendulum movements in swing provide a closer approximation to                 physiological gait.

·         130° flexion angle and low structural height minimize pelvic obliquity, making sitting more comfortable

·         Easy to align and adjust

·         Recommended for MOBIS mobility grades 2 and 3 (restricted and unrestricted outdoor walkers)


User weight capacity

275 lbs



Proximal connection

Lamination Plate

Distal connection

Pyramid Adapter

System height

81 mm


695 g



Max. body weight

275 lbs (125 kg)

Flexion angle

130 degrees