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C-Walk 1C40=K

 Origin:  - Germany 

Product Details :

The functional characteristics of the C-Walk come from the combination of the carbon C-Spring and control ring. The synchronized interplay of the individual components create harmonious and energy-optimized movement. Prosthesis users benefit from cushioned heel strike to the dynamic transition into swing phase, as well as the all-around elasticity and conformity to uneven terrain.

Thanks to the springs progressive response, the C-Walk can easily adapt to a wide variety of activities without compromising function. The C-Walk will accommodate anything from a casual stroll for shopping to more active recreational sports, making the foot selection process much simpler for the clinician.

Scope of Delivery
Scope of delivery for the 1C40 C-Walk foot includes the footshell and connection cap.

Technical specifications:

Activity Level

K3, K4

Maximum Body Weight

220 lbs (100 kg)

Footshell Color

Beige (4), Brown (15)


Right (R), Left (L)


24 cm - 30 cm

Product weight (w/o footshell)

405 g - 630 g

~ Min. Clearance Height (Size 24 & 25 cm)

90 mm (3 1/2")

~ Min. Clearance Height (Size 26 & 27 cm)

97 mm (3 3/4")

~ Min. Clearance Height (Size 28 & 29 cm)

105 mm (4 1/8")