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Meridium 1B1

 Origin:  - Germany 

Product Details :

Where conventional mechanical prosthetic feet have always represented a compromise between flexibility and stability, electronically controlled ankle joints have until now enabled primarily slight, gradual adjustments to the user’s current gait behavior.

But the new Meridium is completely different, featuring an impressive range of advantages that offer the user a significantly more precise adjustment to the current situation. As a result, the user feels extremely safe and enjoys a more natural pattern of movement.

Incorporating intelligent, real-time control, the 4-axis design adjusts itself immediately to the user’s walking speed and ground conditions, whether on slopes, stairs or varying terrain.

Scope of Delivery
Includes the footshell and donning aid as well as the battery charger and AC adapter

Technical specifications:

Activity Level


Amputation Level

Transtibial, knee disarticulation, transfemoral, bilateral transtibial

Maximum Body Weight

275 lbs (125 kg)

Footshell Color

Transluscent(1), Beige(4), Brown(15)

Heel Height

0-2 in (0-50 mm)


24 cm - 29 cm

Approved knee joints

C-Leg, Compact, Genium, Genium X3

Weight with footshell

Size (24 – 25) 1275 g, Size (26 – 27) 1485 g, Size (28 – 29) 1555 g

Structural height

Size (24 – 25) 166 mm, Size (26 – 27) 175 mm, Size (28 – 29) 178 mm